About Us

Recent advancements in numerical algorithms coupled with the proliferation of powerful and affordable supercomputers have provided scientists and engineers with unprecedented opportunities to tackle real-life fluid flow problems in energy, environment, and health via simulation-based research. In our group we are developing novel, fluid-structure interaction, computational fluid dynamics techniques that allow us to model, simulate, and elucidate the rich physics of such cross-disciplinary problems. Our ongoing work focuses on problems in environmental hydraulics, stream restoration, sediment transport, wind and water power, cardiovascular hemodynamics, aquatic swimming, and chaotic mixing.

We emphasize simulation-driven experimentation and physics-driven computational modeling. For that reason, we are also interested in experimental work and collaborate closely with researchers at SAFL and elsewhere whose work emphasizes laboratory experimentation.

We welcome you to our web site and invite you to browse through our pages. If you require further information on any of the topics you will find in here or you are interested in collaborating with us to perform high performance fluid dynamics simulations, please contact Dr. Dionysios Angelidis.